Playing the Gaelic Gold Slot Machine

Nolimit City is back with a more lighthearted spin of the reels, this time featuring everything from ferocious barbarians to the jovial leprechauns of Irish folklore. Gaelic Gold may look easy at first, but it actually has a few hidden layers of complexity according to its developers. For one, their xNudge Wild returns, as well as some terrific choosing action during the bonus round which means no two bonuses will be the same. There’s no end in sight to the amount of Irish/leprechaun-themed slot machines, so they’ll need something special to stand out from the crowd. Is Gaelic Gold the four-leafed clover, or the regular three-leafed one that you’d step on if you saw it?

This appears to be one of Nolimit’s more classically styled slot machines. It employs a standard 3×3 layout with 5 win lines that can be increased to 9 in the bonus game. When it comes to presentation, Gaelic Gold is another polished and aesthetically pleasing slot machine from this prolific small firm. In keeping with the Gaelic/Leprechaun motif, the scenery features a rainbow, rolling green hills, lakes, and clear blue skies. A medium variance statistical model offers it a softer, less ruthless edge than some of the other recent releases, and players can catch the sunshine before the weather breaks by betting anywhere from 5 p/c to $/€100 every spin.

The motif is pervasive, even down to the paytable, which features all the standard icons associated with the theme. You could also use the word clichéd to describe these Irish slots, but sometimes their upbeat vibes are just too contagious to resist. Now let’s talk about the game’s nine symbols: four common ones and five special ones. J-A royals with a more rustic appearance appear as the lows, while a top hat, shoe, beer mug, horseshoe, and four-leaf clover appear as the premiums. We get it, they’re extremely cliche, but rest assured. Because of the way the reels are set up, the highest paying combination is three of a kind, which pays out at 1x the wager. Royals pay out at 2x the wager, while premiums pay out at 15x the wager. A list of symbols and their values is shown alongside the reels so that players are never confused.

Slot Machine Featured in Gaelic Gold

There are two more unique icons that can increase your winnings. The leprechaun is a wild that can appear in the first, second, or third rows and is worth 15 times the wager. He also acts as a substitute for all icons save the bonus one. The wild is brought back from the dead by Nolimit’s xNudge function, and it is constantly pushed into focus. If there is more than one wild in view, their multipliers are put together, and the wild multiplier grows by +1 for each nudge.

You’ll need the Rainbow Spins bonus round if you want to find the pot of riches. When the golden pot icon lands in the middle position, you get 5 free games. Although that may not seem like much, the leprechaun’s good fortune is far from over. Players choose coins to use as filler before the Rainbow Spins round begins.

The rainbow lines on two of the coins add up to a maximum of two.

A total of three coins can award an additional twenty-five free games.

If you flip three coins, you could find multipliers of up to five times.

Players continue to select coins until the ‘Start’ coin is found, at which point the round begins. Just in case you were wondering, Rainbow Lines don’t really do anything exceptional. The game’s maximum number of win lines is not changed, but the additional win lines, which can increase that number to 9, are curved and illuminate like rainbows whenever a win occurs on them. In addition, during Rainbow Spins, any win multiplier is added to any xNudge wild multiplier.

Finally, whenever it is available, players have the option of skipping the main game and going straight to the Rainbow Spins bonus round. You can achieve this by using the Nolimit Shortcut, which will enhance your RTP by 0.05% but will cost you 50 times your total stake to activate.

Winner of the Gaelic Version of the Gold Slot

Gaelic Gold is a visually simplistic game that is regularly resurrected for new thrashings. It’s not as impressive as Nolimit’s other releases, but it doesn’t make it a terrible game. Players who play games for fun are more likely to like it than serious gamers or those who aren’t excited by “yet another sparkling Irish emerald.” But, it has a few wonderful things to offer.

To begin, the selection phase preceding a Rainbow Spin is often the most enjoyable portion. Even while five free spins isn’t a lot, those additions can make them much longer and more rewarding. It’s reminiscent of a feature in Secret of the Stones, another Celtic-themed slot that’s otherwise extremely different from Gaelic Gold. Gaelic Gold’s novelty lies in the fact that it is distinct from other games in the Irish/leprechaun slot genre. The fact that the xNudge always works is a plus; this eliminates the suspense of wondering whether or not it will activate, and instead it will merely move into place, putting those multipliers into play.

On paper, the winnings potential looks good as well, with a maximum of 9,837 times your initial wager. Of course, that’s the ideal situation, but even in its most basic form, the game has the potential to significantly increase your chances of winning. Gaelic Gold, like the rest of Nolimit City’s output, is high quality. Not their strongest, but that’s fine; suppliers should vary the level of volatility they offer, and of course not every release can be a knockout.

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