How do I decide between casino apps and playing at a casino on my mobile browser?

Mobile casinos and casino applications are becoming increasingly popular among players, and this trend is expected to continue. According to the numbers provided by the Gambling Commission, 43 percent of people who gambling online do it on a portable device. Despite the fact that this number is still far lower than the 55% of gamers who use their desktop computers, it is steadily expanding. The 43% of gamers who use their mobile devices shows a year-over-year rise of 10%.  A decrease of 6% may be seen in the percentage of gamblers who use desktop computers. If these trends continue, the mobile internet casino will become the dominant form of gambling by the year 2018.

As a growing number of players consider switching from desktop to mobile online casinos, those players will become aware that they have choices about the manner in which they interact with their preferred casinos.


The dilemma is not just whether you should play at a casino site on your desktop or on your mobile device. Players are interested in knowing what characteristics distinguish the best slot apps. Players who are more interested in table games may be interested in learning which app offers the finest online roulette or online blackjack games. How do slots on an iPhone compare to slots on an Android device? The final question that players want answered is whether they should utilize the best casino applications or the best mobile casinos that can be accessed through the internet on their mobile device.


We are going to set the stage for these prize battles and provide direction and knowledge on all of these topics.


Casino Apps versus Online Mobile Casino

In this part, we will offer some background to the eventual option that a smartphone user will have to make about a casino app or a casino that can be accessed through your mobile browser.


To begin, which of them is more well-known? The mobile casino app or the mobile casino online played through the browser?


This is a contentious issue that causes disagreement among those working in various fields. When it comes to the gaming industry, the vast majority of casinos provide real money mobile casino options to its customers. Your web browser provides access to this content. However, only a small fraction of them have native casino applications that were developed just for them. In most cases, players will discover that the most well-known sites have made investments in the development of mobile applications (such as Red Spins Casino and 888 casino). In addition, a number of smaller casino operators that have established themselves as leaders in the mobile gaming space, such as Nektan, have also developed leading slot applications (such as the Pyramid Fortune Casino App).


Because of this, you will have a far better chance of locating mobile casinos on the browser of your mobile device as opposed to downloading a casino app. Will that become different in the years to come? The connection between mobile apps and web browsers on such devices is a tumultuous and, at times, even counterintuitive one.


A Brief History of Native Apps vs. Mobile Browsers

To begin, it is essential to recognize that the bulk of our “digital minutes,” or time spent online, are now spent on mobile devices. This may be understood to refer to the time spent browsing the internet. Although the numbers change from nation to country, it can be said that they are always greater than 60%.


According to the data collected, consumers spend the bulk of their time on their mobile devices using native applications. And there is no competition at all. Our time spent on mobile devices ranges from 80 percent to over 100 percent on apps.


Clearly, this demonstrates that the operators of the mobile and internet casinos are overlooking a significant opportunity. Why wouldn’t you invest a little additional cash in producing a decent native application if their players are spending all this time on apps rather than the mobile browser? If their players are spending all this time on apps, rather than the mobile browser.


To begin, these numbers are intentionally misleading. What comes to mind when you consider the browsing practices you engage in on your mobile phone? What kinds of apps do you use?


The correct response is that you probably spend the majority of your time on a small handful of applications that you are really dedicated to using. Facebook, probably. YouTube is a possibility. Email. Spotify or Apple Music would be my pick. Your fave games.


On the other hand, you probably don’t conduct a significant amount of purchasing via a mobile app, for instance. Research conducted by Morgan Stanley has shed light on the fact that the amount of traffic on a mobile browser is significantly larger, despite the fact that the majority of time spent on mobile devices is spent using applications.


Which sort of player are you: mobile or app player at the casino?

This certainly complicates the situation with regard to playing casino games on a mobile device. Maybe it depends on how the player sees their own gaming experience when they play casino games on their mobile device. If they consider their play at a real money mobile casino to be more comparable to entertainment or a lifestyle activity, then they may be more likely to play using a mobile browser. This is especially true if they perceive their play as a lifestyle pastime. If people consider their gambling experience to be more analogous to playing video games, then it is possible that they will be more inclined to look for top slot apps or the finest roulette app that is currently available on the market.


The most current figures indicate that about twenty percent of mobile gamblers access their preferred slot app or casino app in order to place bets.


The most fundamental distinction that can be made in this sector is that a mobile browser is a program that is used for less serious functions. If, for example, you wanted to buy an expensive suit for a friend’s wedding, it is quite improbable that you would download an app only for the purpose of making the purchase. You will conduct your research on the browser, and then make a one-time purchase using that method.


On the other side, the most successful applications are those that engender a significant amount of brand loyalty in addition to regular use. Users of mobile casinos that wager real money are often dedicated to a single gambling establishment. Therefore, there is no reason why an operator wouldn’t be able to attract app players if they were to build an experience that was both appealing and technically intuitive.


Is there a quality difference between mobile slot apps and mobile slot games?

The adaption of a player’s preferred games for use on a mobile device may fill them with trepidation, particularly if the player is of a more senior age. Even if the visuals could be a little bit smaller, the graphics tend to have the same level of clarity, and the quality of the interface is typically the same or even better.


The greatest slots, regardless of whether they are played on a mobile device or a desktop computer, tend to remain the finest slots. on example, NetEnt is a market leader when it comes to the development of high-quality slots on mobile devices. After launching their initial mobile game in 2011, the company has since placed a strong emphasis on expanding their selection of mobile slots. The mobile versions of their slots are denoted by the suffix Touch to differentiate them from the PC counterparts. These are some of the most popular games available, such as Starburst Touch and Gonzo’s Quest Touch.



Apps for casinos against mobile versions of online casinos: Starburst Touch

Inside Casino compared playing NetEnt’s famed Starburst touch slot game on a mobile browser to playing the game on a casino app while ecstatic synths were jangling and vibrating in the background. The gameplay itself was exactly the same across all platforms; the user interface was fluid, and the touch component was airy, contemporary, and straightforward. Clearly, there is a lot that has to be crammed onto a screen that is considerably smaller. The “spin” button does a good job of partially obstructing your view of the reel on the far right, but as soon as you start a new round, it disappears, allowing you to see the reel in its entirety again until it reappears for the next spin.


You may play mobile slots from NetEnt in either the landscape or portrait orientation, which is one of the game’s most appealing features. The firm has been extremely certain that the capability to play games in portrait mode on mobile devices would be an essential component of the mobile gaming landscape of the future. Not only does this solve the problem of an obtrusive spin button appearing when playing Starburst Touch, but it also accommodates players who like to keep their screen in the portrait orientation when it’s locked.


NetEnt is aware that its slot machines and table games are not simply analog versions of computer or console video games. Instead, playing casino games on your mobile device is just another way for a customer to utilize their phone.


Some of the other companies who make the finest mobile slots haven’t fully caught on to this concept just yet. As a consequence, they do not provide the freedom to play in portrait mode. Take for example Novomatic’s Book of Ra, which can be played on the same premier casino app as one which hosts Starburst Touch.


There is no discernible difference between playing Starburst Touch landscape on a casino app and playing it on a mobile casino when it comes to playing on a mobile device. When playing the portrait equivalent, on the other hand, it is difficult to get rid of the bar at the top of the browser. This includes the site address bar, the time, the mobile operator signal, and how much battery life is left while playing iPhone slots on an iOS casino.


This started to get really distracting. At the very least, the fact that I couldn’t close it or delete it without first rotating my cell phone into landscape mode was a source of distraction for me.


The answer is that there is not much of a difference between playing casino games on your mobile browser or on casino applications when it comes to playing the finest mobile slots at the top mobile casinos. As a result, the association between what you pick and the kind of player you are will depend on the choice you make. As was previously mentioned, if you are a dedicated player who is committed to a specific casino, it is possible that you will play the slot machine of your choice within the casino app. If, on the other hand, you are a more casual player who does not necessarily adhere to just one casino but rather wants to flutter around, then you may be more inclined to play your slots on the browser of your mobile phone. This is especially true if you do not stay to just one casino.


We can’t stress enough that there isn’t actually a single, clear solution to this question. Because the experience of playing slots is essentially the same, the choice of which you prefer comes down to personal preference. How would you describe your playing style?


Android Slots versus iPhone Slots

So, you’ve made the decision to play on your mobile device, right? That’s another angle on this specific subject. We’ve discussed whether you should go for the app with the greatest slot machines or play casino games on your mobile device.


Are you seeking for mobile casinos that work with Android or iOS so you can play slots on your iPhone? What’s the difference between the two? Is there a certain smartphone that works better than others when it comes to playing the top slot apps?


To begin, mobile browsers on iPhones and Android phones have supported casino gaming for some time now, making it possible for gamers to enjoy casino games while on the go. Your experience playing casino games on your mobile device shouldn’t be affected in any way by this. The most significant aspects that will have an effect on the caliber of your experience are going to be the same regardless of what you do. How recent is your phone, and how powerful is it? Is the mobile website for that particular online casino easy to use and attractively designed? What kind of speeds do you get when you connect to the internet? Which comes first, the wifi or the data connection?


To tell you the truth, the issue of whether you prefer mobile casinos for android or iphone may easily be addressed by asking which one of the two platforms you prefer to use.


When it comes to the casino app, the interaction between android and the casino is a little bit more difficult. Although players have been able to download a casino android app directly from the operator for quite some time, it was not until relatively recently that casino applications were accessible on Google Play. The Google Play store let loose a torrent of the top gambling applications for Android devices in the month of August.


Some companies, including as 888casino, updated their mobile applications to coincide with the dawn of this new era. On the other hand, it stands to reason that there is a less developed symbiosis between Android and casino applications in comparison to those available for iOS. There is little question that operators comprehend the significance of bridging this gap, as seen by the success of brands such as 888.


Comparing the Top Roulette and Blackjack Apps to Mobile Casino Games Playable in Browsers

Roulette and other casino mobile games like blackjack and roulette do not significantly change whether you play them on a browser or through an app, similar to the case with the top mobile slots. There will be no difference in the gameplay mechanics or performance of the game despite the fact that a software developer is responsible for producing the final product. For instance, the functionality of Scientific Gaming’s Keybet Roulette will be identical whether it is played in a browser or on an app.


When deciding where to play mobile roulette, the question you need to ask yourself is: in what kind of atmosphere do you feel most comfortable? The question is, what kind of gamer are you?


Players who participate in table games on their mobile devices should keep in mind many of the same factors as those who play mobile slots. For instance, users will have a difficult time playing a roulette game when it is set to portrait orientation on their device. Even in NetEnt!


The technology is always being updated, which results in experiences that are ever more immersive, intense, and fulfilling for the players. Sharp, dynamic images and 3D multi-camera work on the roulette wheel spins are only the beginning of what’s possible with live casino gaming on mobile devices. Technology of this kind is being pioneered by software developers like as Evolution Live Gaming and NetEnt. You will also be able to play live dealer casino games on your mobile device while it is in portrait mode.


Next Steps: Casino Downloads vs. Browser-Based Games

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