Batman and the Penguin Prize Online Slot Rating and Review

The Batman and The Penguin Prize online slot is a game with six reels and a total of 64 paylines; however, during certain bonus games, this number may increase to a maximum of 4,096 ways to win. Playtech, the company that produced the Batman and The Penguin Prize software, has created this as a series of progressives themed on the first Batman television program, which starred the late, great Adam West.

The Online Slot Game Batman and The Penguin Prize and Its Background

The Batman and the Penguin Prize slot transports us with a ZAP! CRACK! and POW! to the swinging 60s, when the Caped Crusader’s television program was more vibrant and less morose than his more recent flicks. The slot contains characters from the popular television program, including Adam West’s portrayal of Batman, Burt Ward’s performance as Robin, and Burgess Meredith’s portrayal of the title character. The Penguin will devise yet another shady scheme at the beginning of the game in an attempt to seize control of Gotham City, and it will be up to Batman and Robin to foil his schemes.

Playtech, a company that provides software, stays true to the original TV program by recycling many of the humorous clichés and one-liners that made it stand out and become so famous. After you are successful, The Penguin will even convincingly recite parts of Burgess Meredith’s original lines. This happens only if you have defeated him. In addition to the four jackpots that are part of the DC Super Heroes progressive jackpot, the game features a return-to-player (RTP) percentage that is bat-tastic, coming in at 96.06 percent.

The jackpot for Batman and The Penguin Prize is part of the DC Super Heroes network, which also contains the jackpot for Superman the Movie as well as other games from the Batman series including Batman and the Joker Jewels. Players have the opportunity to win one of four progressive jackpots when they participate in the DC Super Heroes jackpot network. The Batman and The Penguin Prize progressive jackpot may be won at random, at which point players are automatically sent to the Jackpot Game. Once you’ve arrived at the destination, it’s impossible for you not to leave with any prizes from one of the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand jackpots.

Characteristics, Particulars, and Symbols

The Batman and The Penguin Prize slot game includes iconic symbols from the television program, such as the handy batarangs used by Batman and The Penguin’s recognizable pink top hat and yellow umbrella. Even the bronze figure of Shakespeare, which served as the unlocking mechanism for the entrance to the Batcave, was able to be crammed within.

During the rounds of the Penguin Respin bonus game, the symbols will both double and triple in size. This incredible extra feature is activated whenever you strike a payline in the basic game that results in a winning combination. At this moment, the Penguin, who now takes up one half of the reels, will vanish in a haze of pink smoke, resulting in the increase of the number of reels from three to six. You will be awarded one free spin with all reels and paylines active, which brings the total number of potential paylines to 64. If you continue to be successful during the free spins, the game will unlock an additional 4,096 opportunities for you to win by employing bigger symbols that take up 4 squares when laid out in a 2×2 grid. If you are fortunate enough to score another win during the free spins, the reels will become stacked with enormous 3×3 symbols. You will be taken back to the game’s first three reels and given a fresh start regardless of whether or not you were successful during this round.

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