Review of Loquax Bingo

You’d have to be insane not to share our first views of the Loquax online bingo website. When the home page loads, it’s fairly obvious that it’s overwhelming. The sheer volume of information contained in the initial glimpse of this website is, frankly, a little overwhelming, coming at you in the form of an abundance of box outs, welcome bonus advertisements, and similar snippets, none of which are terrible inclusions, but all of which contribute to a sense of mild – if not complete – confusion.

Additionally, the name is somewhat strange. Loquax means nothing, and by substituting the head of a small-albeit adorable- duckling for the letter O, one may be excused for misreading the name as Laquax. Not that this would add anything to our understanding of why the title was selected. Nonetheless, it establishes one thing: this is not a bingo site worried with being overly serious, but rather one that sets a premium on having fun.

A Recommendation for a Standard Layout

While the style is frenetic, the website follows a fairly regular framework. The brand logo and a backdrop picture of a badly produced cartoon landscape are shown at the top of the page. Just below them are various click-through alternatives in the form of a row of menu buttons – Register, Promotions, Games, Winners, Affiliates, Our Blog (which, due to the choice of font, seems to state Our Bloc – a whole other section of the site entirely), and lastly, Contact Us.

The next level of the website has a single box saying that if you create an account, you would ‘Get the greatest Welcome bonus’ – £25 in return for a £10 deposit. Alongside this is a short table of ‘Winners,’ which lists the user names of those who have recently won, but provides no information on when they won or, more significantly, how much they earned. Additionally, a third box has been added to this row, advertising a prize sum, but there is no indication of what the jackpot is for.

The bottom of the website is dominated by a box labeled Latest Games, which when we checked the site revealed just two games in progress, one starting at 11.18am and the other at 20.30pm, implying that there isn’t much gaming going on behind the scenes. Next to this is a Top Games box, which, like the previous one, has a limited offering—only one game is presented, which does nothing to reassure you that there will be enough to keep you engaged after you join up.

Consider Taking a Closer Look

When you click on the Games option in the menu row, things get a little clearer. Naturally, the first game you’ll see is bingo, which comes in three flavors: 90-Ball, 75-Ball, and High 5. We’ve seen all of them several times before, but we’ve also seen numerous other possibilities on other websites.

It’s weird to think that someone would create a bingo website and then concentrate just on three forms of bingo, even the most popular ones, and you can’t help but feel that they’re missing a trick or two. Or, in fact, three. Online bingo is a very competitive industry among websites that provide this kind of digital gaming, and as such, only the strongest, or most numerous, will prove to be true success stories. Loquax is not one of them. Not at all.

Additionally, there are coverall and progressive jackpots.

The next option in the Games section is Coverall Jackpots. This brings up a table listing each day of the week and the jackpots available at each hour of the day. To be honest, there is a lot of information, but the usage of symbols is a little baffling to the inexperienced. While there is a brief explanation of what these terms represent at the bottom of the page, the developers should strive to make this as simple and straightforward as possible, which does not need cross-referencing.

Additionally, the website has a number of Progressive Jackpots that you may participate in and play, however they are only accessible during certain hours of the day, which change according to the day of the week. In our view, they should be presented in a more simple manner, since it is considerably easier to forget or get confused about what is accessible and when than it is to recall what is available and when.

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